The counter, preferred in kitchen decorations, has a very important position. As much as getting a stylish kitchen, it would be best if you had a useful countertop. I can state that women generally prefer marble countertops in kitchens where they spend their hours during the day. Although there are multiple reasons for this, the most important is the marble countertop‘s stylish, flashy, and ease of use. Another reason to be preferred is that it is hygienic and has different color options. Marble kitchen countertop prices vary according to the type of marble you prefer and the dimensions of the counter.

There are several reasons why you should choose marble for kitchen countertops over other products. The marble kitchen countertop, which is primarily preferred, has a much longer-lasting structure than other products. However, we can list the reasons why women want to choose marble for their kitchen countertops as follows.

  • Marble’s hard structure is resistant to external factors,
  • Marble is easy to clean,
  • Marble is compatible with kitchen furniture thanks to different color options,
  • Marble is not affected by temperature or liquid contacts.
  • Marble has long life due to its robust structure,
  • Marble is healthy and hygienic as it is a natural stone type.

Before researching marble kitchen prices, you must first decide which marble the countertop product will be made of. The next thing to do is determine which product group your preferred color is in. Finally, it will be possible to calculate the dimensions of the marble countertop needed. Evaluation or determination of these three criteria will effectively calculate the marble kitchen countertop price you will be demanded.

What Are Marble Countertop Prices?

Marble kitchen counter prices vary according to the product and color you prefer. The choice you make between granite or marble countertop products is very important in this regard. After determining the marble type, you need to choose among the marble types to give your kitchen a stylish look. You can choose the most suitable one for your kitchen among the different color options.

White marbles attract attention as the most preferred color and product for countertops. The biggest reason for this is that it is compatible with all kinds of furniture and decorations. Also, white-colored marbles effectively create a clean and hygienic environment. Especially Afyon White Marble remains the most preferred product in kitchen countertops. You can have trouble-free use for many years by choosing this product with a high polishable feature and a durable structure. You can contact us immediately to have information about marble kitchen countertop prices and Afyon White Marble countertops.

Cimstone or Marble?

Choosing a kitchen counter is a very difficult choice for many people. Especially those who want to renew their kitchen and cannot decide which product to use in this regard. The most preferred countertop products in our country are marble, granite, and cimstone. These three different products have pros and cons to each other. In this context, which should you prefer? Cimstone or marble? I want to compare these two products for those who are researching.

  • Marble is a type of stone that is mined and processed as a natural product. Cimstone, on the other hand, is a fabricated product made with quartz and polyester resins.
  • Marble has very different color options according to the conditions of the mine and geography. It is a natural product with a unique vein structure and color type. Cimstone, on the other hand, has limited color options with the pigments in its structure.
  • The preparation of cimstone products is laborious and costly. It is more expensive than marble obtained from nature.
  • Quartz minerals in cimstone products make this product easier to clean than marble products. It has a maintenance-free feature compared to marble. These features make the use of cimstone countertops easier, and they have a stain-proof structure.
  • Marble countertops are less resistant to impacts than cimstone countertops.
  • Cimstone products are affected by sunlight. But marble products are not affected by sunlight.

Which is The Cheapest Kitchen Countertop?

The product’s price is known as an important determinant in kitchen countertop preferences. In addition, the fact that the price difference between the types of kitchen countertops is extremely different, which causes confusion about which product should be used. The important thing in this regard is which product is closer to your budget. Our company has a variety of different marbles, and this gives you a great advantage. Come to our Efesus Stone factory outlets and determine the most suitable kitchen countertop product for you.

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