This comprehensive guide will make choosing the suitable travertine type easy and find the lowest possible price.

Travertine types, uses and prices

Travertine can be used easily in bathrooms, known as interior spaces outside the below-mentioned exterior spaces. Having a non-slip structure provides a healthy use in bathrooms.

  • On wet surfaces such as poolsides,
  • On the walking paths of the gardens,
  • On the patio and all outdoor floors,
  • In outdoor wall coverings,
  • In barbecues,
  • On the pool steps,
  • On outdoor stair treads.

You can also choose it as interior kitchen and interior wall covering material. Travertine marble products are the first choice for a natural look with their unique color options and particular perforated structure.

Is Travertine Durable?

Although these natural stone products do not have a rigid structure as granite and marble products, they are solid and long-lasting. The most significant proof of this is that the structures used centuries ago have survived today. This product, mainly used in flooring, is much more resistant to aging due to its soft texture. Travertine stones, which are highly resistant to natural physical factors, can be used for many years without any problems if the maintenance is done correctly.

As with every natural stone, chemical products should not be used in travertine marble. Acid and intense chemical products affect the wear and loss of the quality of travertine stone products. For this reason, care should be taken when cleaning travertine products.

What Are the Travertine Types?

Travertine stone types differ according to the region where they are extracted. The colors of the product, which are generally known as white travertine and beige travertine stones, are also called yellow gravel and white gravel.

The holes of these products, which have a structure with their unique holes, can be closed with special fillings when desired. However, the surfaces of these specially prepared products are distinguished as follows.

  • Polished Surface,
  • Tumbled Surface (Antique Look),
  • Honed Surface (Matt),
  • Brushed Surface (Patinato),
  • Edge Breaking.

Recently, antique-looking travertine stones, known as tumbled surface, have received the most attention among these products. We offer you the highest quality products with our Antique Pewter, silver travertineriver travertinewhite travertinenoce travertine, and classic travertine varieties. You can contact us immediately for your travertine orders in the colors and sizes you need.

How is Travertine Quality Determined?

After specifying the features of this product above, for those who research the types and prices of travertine, I would like to give information about how a quality travertine stone should be. The first thing to know is to choose the most suitable travertine stone for the area of ​​use.

We can start with whether you want to use the travertine stone you want for indoor or outdoor use. However, the desired size and color options will determine which stone you should choose.

Understanding the quality of the travertine stone is primarily about whether you want a soft or hard product. For your need for a decorative travertine marble with a smooth surface, softer products will be the ideal product for you.

Likewise, you should prefer products with a harder structure for such a product desired to be used on outdoor floors. The simplest method can be determined by breaking a small piece of travertine stone. If you can easily break the travertine, you can understand that it’s a soft travertine stone.

Where is Travertine Marble Used?

Travertine types, uses and prices
travertine types, uses and prices

Travertine stones, which are among the natural stones and have a wide range of usage areas, can be used in many living spaces, including indoor and outdoor spaces.

Specially to obtain a natural and unique appearance, such products are easily used in the bathrooms, kitchens, and halls of living spaces. In addition, granite is often preferred in wall decorations because it’s much lighter than marble products.

In addition to interior wall decoration, it’s also preferred as an insulation material on exterior walls. Its waterproof and cool structure is why travertine stones are selected for exterior walls.

These products, obtained from mines in different regions of our country, offer us alternatives with color options specific to the region where they are extracted. For this reason, it’s straightforward to find the color suitable for the furniture in the places where it’s desired to be used.

Since we have the best quality mines globally, it will be sufficient to contact us if you want to acquire travertine stone products in any color, size, and of the highest quality.

What Are the Travertine Prices in 2022?

Travertine types and prices vary depending on more than one factor. For this reason, travertine prices in 2022 vary according to the color, size, and size to be preferred.

However, I would like to point out that another of the criteria that determine the price of this product is the type of cut. This cutting type, which is explicitly determined according to the usage area of ​​the preferred product, will determine the product’s price.

To summarize, there are multiple factors affecting travertine prices. We invite you to our sales store to evaluate these factors together and determine the ideal travertine type for you.

You can contact us for all your questions about the travertine marble products you consider for adding natural beauty and appearance to your living spaces.

We are with you with our unique travertine stone products and prices, which are extracted from the best quality mines in our country, according to the color, type, size of the product you request, and other needs of the planned application area.

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