Discover the unique textures, durability and timeless beauty of premium natural stone slabs perfect for enhancing interior and exterior designs.

Natural Stone Slabs

Marble is found in many works built in the pre-millennium period. Although the types of marble used in these works are very diverse, it is noteworthy that their sizes are very large. Marble is often found in historical and ancient temples, marble statues, palaces, Egyptian pharaonic tombs, pyramids, walls, castles, stadiums and open-air theaters.

Slab Specifications

Marble slabs have an aesthetic appearance due to their different colors and patterns. Various types of marble and travertine can be cut into thick slabs and used for surfaces and flooring. The direction of the veins in marble slabs varies depending on the direction of cutting. If the lines follow each other, it is called a "vein cut". As a result of this cut, you can obtain design wall tiles or large format slabs called "bookmatch", as a result of the juxtaposition of several marble slabs. The other type of cut, "Cross Cut", usually has a simple and plain appearance.

Uses of Slabs

Marble and travertine slabs are very suitable materials for many large construction projects. In marble slabs, polished or matte polished models are the most preferred surface textures. Recently, sandblasted slabs have also gained popularity due to their increased frequency of use. Before color and model; it would be better to decide where the slab will be used. Decisions made in this way will ensure that your marbles will fully harmonize with your space. Marble slabs are preferred as building and decorative materials in the construction industry.

Natural Stone Slab Dimensions

Although the marble slab is visually striking, it is the dimensions that attract people's attention in a functional sense. The marble slabs prepared in accordance with the needs of the consumers are prepared according to the demand and not according to a single size. It should not be forgotten that the thickness of the marble slabs also depends on the product when determining the thickness in special productions. It is well known that marble is a very heavy and high quality natural stone. Therefore, in cases where it is thinner or thicker than it should be, it may be difficult to achieve the desired long-lasting results.

Natural Stone Slab Prices

Slab prices vary depending on the raw material, size and dimension of the product. Marble slab prices are mostly used as construction material. First of all, quality is touted as one of the first criteria when determining the figures of such materials. Since marble is a natural stone, its prices vary. In short, how much the use of marble slabs will be finalizes the figures.

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