Marble is formed due to metamorphism events, and it is used in different sectors, especially in building materials. Having completed its formation in millions of years, the marble is extracted from the determined underground quarries, passed through the necessary processes, and made ready for use. Our country has very rich resources in marble quarries as it is located in the Alpine-Himalayan mountain belt. These natural stone mines can be found in many parts of our country, which has an important position in terms of the richness of marble quarries throughout the world.

Where is the best marble mined in Turkey? We can answer this question by stating that there are quality marble quarries in many parts of our country. It is known that there are very intense mines in Afyon, Bilecik, Balikesir, Denizli, Mugla, Izmir, Elazig and Eskisehir regions. 70% of the marbles mined in Turkey are composed of marbles extracted from these regions. The quality of the marble differs according to the geographical structure of the region and the extraction methods.

Where to Find the Best Marble?

Different quality ratings apply to marbles, which have a hard and durable structure, a wide range of applications, and various color options. One of the determining criteria of the marble’s quality is the density of the crystal minerals it contains. The strength and pore widths of semi-fine-grained, medium-grained, coarse-grained, and large-grained marbles are measured. The marble’s quality is revealed as a result of this assessment. However, several factors influence marble quality. The mine’s extraction processes and the methods used during processing are at the top of the list.

Marble is known for being cut into large blocks after being naturally extracted from underground. After that, it’s sliced into plates. The marble is polished and ready for use after being wiped and cleaned. Professional machinery and equipment are used in all of these processes. Mistakes made during these processes have an impact on the marble’s quality.

The characteristics of the mine from which marble is extracted are used to evaluate marble in various applications. As a result, different quality assessments should be made depending on the usage area. Where in Turkey is the Best Marble Mined? It is necessary to respond to the question based on the usage purpose of the marble.

Where is Marble Most Mined in The World?

Our country ranks first in terms of marble reserves worldwide. However, it is in 6th place in the ranking of the countries that extract the most marble. It is stated that approximately 40% of the world’s marble reserves are located within our country’s borders. The total of these reserves is calculated that it is over 6 billion m3.

The country that produces the most marble among European countries stands out as Italy. In Asia, on the other hand, China is the leader. Apart from these countries, in the ranking of where marble is mined globally, I can state that Spain, India, and Brazil are ahead of us.

How to Find a Marble Quarry?

Opening or determining a new marble quarry is difficult and costly. For this reason, certain analyzes must be made before a quarry is turned into an operation. These analyzes must be done by obtaining the necessary permits and licenses. First of all, expert engineers of this business should conduct a study. Analyzing the geological structure of the region where the mine is located to start this work. Then the obtained materials need to be examined and analyzed. As a result of the survey studies, whether the investigated area is suitable for a mine or not and the necessary investments are made.

Those who research where marble is mined can examine the mining map of our country in the MTA reports and carry out a study in the specified areas. Not every rocky land can be a mine, and quality marble cannot be obtained from every mine. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out the operations with great care before opening a marble quarry with a high investment cost.

Those who have completed the necessary studies and investigations to open a new marble quarry must obtain the mining operation license by performing the necessary application procedures. Then they must obtain the necessary tools, machinery, and equipment requirements. I want to point out that road construction, necessary permits, and procurement of tools and materials for transportation to the mine require very high costs.

How Many Types of Marble Are There in Turkey?

In our country, which has a very rich position in terms of marble diversity, there are dozens of marble types and different color options of these types. Marble in many different color tones, from white to cherry rot, is obtained from different mines in our country. Marble varieties are named according to their color or the region’s characteristics where they are extracted. In this context, one of the most known and preferred marble types in our country is Afyon White Marble. It takes its name from its color and from the province of Afyon, where it is extracted. In addition, we can list the known and preferred marble types throughout the country as follows.

  • Afyon White Marble,
  • Marmara White Marble,
  • Burdur Beige Marble,
  • Black Marble,
  • Brown Marble,
  • Gray Marble,
  • Green Marble,
  • Kutahya Red Marble,
  • Emirdag Silver Marble,
  • Denizli White Marble.

The marble varieties we have mentioned have different vein structures with different color tones among themselves. Usage area, color preferences, and desired size information are important criteria for determining the type of marble you should prefer.

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