Quartz is one of the most common natural stones in the world. Quartz stones, which have many varieties according to their crystaline structures and colors; Nowadays, they have many areas of use like an industry. Especially in Eurasia. since ancient times, quartz stone varieties have been the most used mineral for the making of jewelery and hard stone carvings. Quartz is not easily affected by climate and environmental conditions.


Quartz stone can be found in different colors, crystalline, transparent,, opaque, shiny and glossy like forms. With these features, it is used in many different fields and sectors. Unlike existing natural stones, they are very hard and durable.


In addition to the crystalline ones, there are also those whose crystal structures are invisible to the naked eye. They show opaque or translucent properties. They have an easily broken structure. Pure quartz, commonly called rock crystal or clear quartz, are colorless and transparent or translucent.

Common quartz colors and varieties;

* White Quartz Stone

* Blue Quartz Stone

* Rose Quartz Stone

* Green Quartz Stone

* Smoky Quartz Stone

* Milky Quartz Stone

* Citrine Quartz Stone

* Amethyst Quartz Stone

Crystal Quartz

Crystal quartz, also known as clear quartz, is a type of natural stone composed of oxygen and silicon. Crystal quartz, also known as rock crystal, has transparent and clear water color close to white. It is one of the most popular among quartz species.

Milk Quartz

It is milky white in color. It is also known as 'white quartz'. Color ranges from translucent to dull. It is a type of vein crystal quartz that is very common in nature. Although it is not used as an ornamental stone, it has a wide area of use in the industry, especially in ceramic and production of porcelain.

Smoky Quartz

Its color is close to brown or dark gray. It is a type of quartz with a transparent and crystalline structure. It is known as a precious stone. The brown tone in it is due to radioactivity. The are of usage are ;

* Floor coverings

* Stair treads

* Kitchen countertops

* Glass industry

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