Belenco, with its rich product range, inspires the limitless imagination of the interior designers who are looking for unique solutions. It's power comes from being the first and only R&D Center in its sector in Turkey. Belenco is the trendsetter, leading brand of the sector with its unique surface designs harmonious with the world design trends. It is the only brand in Turkey with international awards in its field. The surfaces produced by Belenco are crowned with the world's most prestigious design awards


Belenco Quartz Surfaces do not allow bacteria or microorganism to grow on it thanks to its non-porous and compact structure. It has a hygiene report issued by LGA Qualitest GMBH, confirming that Belenco is easily cleanable surfacing material that is totally safe with respect to post-cleaning microbiological hygiene. NSF proves Belenco to be thoroughly safe for direct contact with any kind of food and for use in areas where food preparation could take place.

Natural Material & Natural Shine

Luster of Belenco Quartz Surfaces comes from the natural sheen of the inherent quartz minerals. Belenco Quartz Surfaces do not contain any glossing agents and can maintain its luster without any sealants or waxes.

Easy Maintenance

Belenco maintains its first day shiny look and natural vitality for many years with a simple daily cleaning. A damp cotton cloth and a small amount of soft neutral liquid soap (dish soap, etc.) are sufficient for daily cleaning.

Color Consistency

Color and pattern consistency is an indispensable standard. Tone and texture consistency is essential for slabs with the same production date. The problem of not achieving product continuity in other types of countertop materials, especially in large-scale projects, is not experienced in Belenco.

Safe For Human Health

Belenco Quartz Surfaces do not cause any harmful gas emission for human health. This feature has also been certified by a prestigious International Institution Greenguard. GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certificate and GREENGUARD certifies that Belenco is a low gas emission product that does not spread harmful toxic chemicals to the air.

Stain Resistance

Belenco is a stain-resistant surface with a non-liquid absorbent non-porous structure. Quartz, which constitutes more than 90% of its composition, eliminates the corrosive effects of chemicals. Substances that may cause permanent staining or abrasion on other countertop materials such as tea, coffe, vinegar, leman, and colored spices do not affect Belenco.

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