Here are some Limestone marble models and types for your elegant and luxurious indoor or outdoor projects.

Limestone marble models, types, uses and prices

Limestone, also known as magnesium limestone, draws attention as an important type of marble among natural stone products. It's a sedimentary carbonate rock consisting of magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate.

Although it's obtained from very high-quality limestone mines in different regions of our country, this product is processed and made ready for use. Compared to marble and granite marble products, limestone marble models have a much softer structure, making them easier to process.


Limestone is much softer and easier to process than marble and granite products among the natural stone types. It's a sedimentary rock consisting of corals, foraminifera, and skeletons of sea creatures. It contains aragonite minerals, calcite, and calcium carbonates in different forms. Evaporite depositional environments are the ideal areas for their formation. Our country has a very favorable structure for this natural stone formation. Especially the Taurus Mountains region has a very rich structure in terms of a variety of limestone marble models.

Limestone obtained in different types and varieties has become an ideal interior and exterior architecture product. Especially its soft structure and much lighter mass compared to other natural stones increase the interest in the product. Limestone is generally preferred for wall coverings in decorating homes or workplaces. Its lightness and different color options have made this product the most preferred product on the walls. It gives much less weight to the area where it's applied, is a safe building material, and much more than other natural stones.

What is Limestone?

Limestone marble models, types, uses and prices
limestone marble models, types, uses and prices

As we mentioned above, limestone, a member of the natural stones family, is used as a building material by being extracted from the quarries in the form of slabs. Apart from this, it's also considered an industrial product in many different fields.

Sediments obtained from limestone particles are also regarded as industrial products in cement production, lime production, flue gas treatment, agriculture sector, metallurgy, glass, paper, tire, and paint industries. It can also be used as a filling material in the construction industry. This product, which has such a wide usage area, can be described as a great gift of nature to human beings.

Limestone, which is used in dozens of different sectors, also attracts considerable attention in building materials. The limestone blocks, which are carefully removed as slabs from the mines where they are located, are carefully processed. The products obtained are easily used in indoor and outdoor living spaces to achieve different purposes and beauty. I want to state that this product is used more in wall coverings because its structure is much lighter and stronger than other natural stones.

Where is Limestone Used?

What is limestone? After stating the properties of natural limestone and its usage areas in different sectors, I would like to discuss where limestone slabs are used. Limestone, a soft natural stone, can be easily processed in varied sizes and structures. This allows this product to be used in many different areas. You can see that this product is preferred and used a lot for these reasons in interior and exterior architecture.

This product, which has an assorted color chart due to the characteristic structure of the area where it's extracted, is generally preferred for wall covering in decorations. It's stated that the biggest reason for this was a light product. However, having a natural structure and adding a different characteristic air to the area where it's applied are other reasons for preference. In addition to making your living spaces look natural, you can include this product in your interior and exterior wall coverings to obtain a different aesthetic appearance.

The use of natural stone in buildings is not limited to wall cladding. However, this product is also preferred for floor coverings. Especially those who want to get an authentic look often prefer these products for flooring.

The availability of color options suitable for the area in which it's used, and its easy preparation in the desired size and size are other reasons for preference. The fact that it's more economical and easier to apply than marble and granite products may be why you prefer this product. In this regard, you can examine our carefully prepared products in assorted colors and special textures in our showrooms or ask us what you are wondering about the product.

What Are the Limestone Prices in 2022?

After sharing with you those curious about limestone marble types and their properties, I would like to give information about another subject that is curious about this topic. Those who want to use or prefer this product are researching the prices of these products.

Limestone prices vary according to some differences, as in other natural stones. At the beginning of these features, the color options you want to choose are a key factor. In addition, the amount of product to be used and the size information appear as other factors that change the prices.

Limestone marble, which is used or preferred for different purposes in many different sectors, means that much more detail should be considered when desired to be used for decoration. The preparation stages of this product must be carried out correctly and without any problems. It's especially important that cracks are not formed during the cutting of the plate and that the polishing of the product is done with the right methods.

As a result of performing these processes correctly, a quality limestone marble is obtained. For this reason, you should pay attention to whether this product, which will be preferred as an indoor and outdoor decoration product, is created due to quality craft.

We offer you the best quality limestone marble products with years of experience and quality service understanding. We offer limestone marble types, which are prepared by processing the slabs carefully extracted from the most valuable mines of our country for your use. We want to inform you about the status of stock information control and availability so that you can have information about limestone prices. For answers to all these questions, you can contact us immediately or stop by our sales stores.

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