Marbles, which are a gift from nature to people, are widely preferred because they are stylish and robust. Marbles with different colors and patterns can be used safely for many years. The brightness of Efesus marbles provides you with a quality appearance in the area where it is laid. Turkish Marble Supplier Efesus Stone is the right address you are looking for high quality and affordable products with different features.

This comprehensive guide will make choosing the suitable marble type easy and find the lowest possible price.

What Are the Turkish Marble Prices and Marble Types?

The hard stones formed due to metamorphism and crystallization of limestone and dolomitic limestones under different temperatures and pressures are called marble.

These natural stones, which took centuries to form, are used as many building materials. As the place where the marbles are extracted is called a marble quarry, the variety and quality of marbles vary according to the structure of each quarry. For this reason, marble prices and marble types vary according to the area where it's extracted, its color, and its degree of hardness.

Under the influence of the intense pressure and temperature formed underground, the limestones undergo metamorphism; thus, marble is formed because of the compression of calcite crystals. Therefore, the actual formation of marble depends on the compression of calcite crystals. Marble, a great gift of nature to human beings, needs centuries to form.

Natural and Flamboyant Marbles

Marble, one of the most used natural stones, can be used on different surfaces and floors. Its wide scale encourages the use of marble in many indoor and outdoor areas, from homes to workplaces, from bathrooms to gardens, in daily life. Marble, a natural stone, must be carefully removed and professionally processed. In this way, it does not lose its natural properties and has high efficiency during use.

How Many Types of Marble?

The Marble Prices and Marble Types
what are the marble prices and marble types?

Marble varieties differ according to the structure of the region they are located in. Marble in each region has a different color, vein, and degree of hardness compared to another region. Although the marbles extracted in our country are generally diversified according to their colors, the marbles extracted in the Afyon region are of extremely high quality and value.

Marbles are classified according to their colors: white marble, beige marble, gray marble, black marble, and brown and green marble.

White Marble: It's the most extracted marble in our country and, therefore, the most preferred type of marble. Plain white marbles have gray or darker veins. They are often preferred in bathrooms because their white color is very flashy in terms of cleanliness. However, it's also known as the lowest-cost marble because of its high reserves in our country.

Beige Marble: Marbles extracted in color tones known as cream or ivory are called beige marble. This type of marble, which has veins in darker colors, is often preferred for flooring.

Gray Marble: Another one of the natural marble blocks mined in our country is marbles in gray tones. Gray marbles, which have a wide color range from light gray to dark gray, are often preferred in interior decorations.

Black Marble: Black marble, the representative of elegance, gives a distinctive look to the place where they are used. Its dark-colored veins, which are different from itself, give this marble type a unique perspective.

Brown Marble: Marbles extracted in brown tones are frequently used in various parts of living spaces. In bathrooms, kitchens, or other living spaces, you can easily use marbles in this color, which indicates calmness and serenity.

Green Marble: Its white veins on green marble, which has a major place among marble varieties, create a different ambiance. It's a valuable and high-quality marble type because it's much less common than white marble.

Marble Prices in 2023 - How Much Per Meter?

Prices vary depending on many factors. For quality products, many elements should be considered, especially labor cost, energy, stone processing cost. In addition to these, the factors that determine marble prices are listed below.

  1. Quality

As with all other flooring materials, marble also has different types and quality, Turkish Marble Supplier Efesus Stone uses only first class quality marbles. In this way, besides providing high customer satisfaction, it has quality and durable results.

  1. Type

Marbles are mined from a certain distance under the ground in different regions. Marbles have different types depending on both the region and location where they were mined and the natural formation process. There are more than 80 different types of marble in Turkey. The best marble type is considered to be Afyon marble.

  1. Color and Pattern

Marbles also have assorted colors and patterns. In our country, classifications are made according to their colors. In addition to many natural colors such as white, black, beige, red, pink, yellow, etc., there are marbles in very bright and complex colors to adapt to different decoration concepts. Today, there are many types of marble that are ideal for different types of decoration, whether plain or rustic. Whether indoor or outdoor, you can check all these varieties from the Turkish Marble Supplier Efesus Stone catalogue.

  1. Size

Size is extremely important for every decoration element. Generally, marbles are priced on a square meter basis. However, some special types may have personalized pricing terms as they are much rarer.

  1. Quantity

Considering how large an area it covers, the number of marbles is determined. For example, there are differences between laying marble on the bathroom floor and marble for the garden, both in terms of quality and quantity. Therefore, this causes differences in price as well.

Turkish Marble Supplier Efesus Stone gathers marbles with many colors and patterns under one roof in order to respond positively to the needs of all its customers. At the same time, Efesus Stone, which has the highest quality, can still be used safely for many years as on the first day. They are extremely durable, making them less likely to be damaged over the years.

Advantages of Efesus Stone Turkish Marbles

It is no coincidence that marbles have been used so widely in different parts of the world for centuries. From ancient temples to Egyptian pyramids, from statues to flamboyant structures, marble has accompanied human civilization throughout history. Therefore, it can be said with certainty that marbles provide numerous advantages to users in terms of decoration.

Here are some of the main advantages:

  • The unique appearance and glossy surfaces of the marble surfaces, together with the spice it adds to the ambiance, provide an extremely important advantage.
  • First, marbles have an extremely durable structure with the effect of the components in their structure. They do not wear easily and can be used for many years without breaking or cracking.
  • Marbles with translucent properties can shine under sunlight. Whether light or dark colored ones, they shine under the light in indoor environments and add mobility to the environment.
  • Compared to different flooring elements such as granite, marble has a much softer appearance.
  • Arrangements and additions can be made to the joints of the tiles depending on user requests and needs.
  • In places with a hot climate, marble creates a relatively cold feeling. For this reason, they are indispensable especially in summer houses.
  • They are extremely suitable for providing aesthetic and decorative harmony in places where ostentation is at the forefront, such as the kitchen, winter garden and pool.
  • In many different products and in various areas of use, those with varying properties can be preferred. The most common include tables, countertops, ladders, and decorating tools.
  • Compared to other natural stones, it can be supplied at much more affordable prices. Moreover, the fact that they can be used for years creates a price / performance match.


Types of Marble

Types according to its structure and texture

  • Schisty (Mica-containing leafy stones.)
  • Brecciated (filled with secondary minerals that can be different colors from the main filling due to different colors and mineral contents.)
  • Solid marbles (They are fine and coarse-grained compact stones.)
  • Laminal marbles (fine-grained strips, stones with colored stripes because they contain different minerals or elements.)

Types according to its geological structure

  • sedimentary rocks
  • metamorphic rocks
  • igneous rocks

Types according to mineral grains

  • Large grained (1-2 CM)
  • Coarse grained (5 MM)
  • Medium grained (1-5 MM)
  • Fine-grained (1 MM)

Efesus Stone types of marble:

  • Marble
  • Beige Marble
  • Travertine
  • Porcelain
  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Onyx
  • Limestone
  • Dolomite
  • Andesite
  • Basalt
  • Outdoor

Marbles, which have assorted colors and patterns, meet with their buyers at Efesus Stone, with affordable prices, either indoor or outdoor options. Assuming the mission of professionalism and high quality, Efes Stone aims at maximum customer satisfaction. You can also choose Efesus Stone for an elegant decoration in your home, bathroom, kitchen, and toilet or in your office and workplaces, and have the opportunity to furnish your summer & winter gardens, pool and similar areas with the most spectacular marbles.

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