Marbles are named and evaluated according to the physical and geographical conditions of the region where they are extracted. The first region that comes to mind when discussing White Marble is Afyon. Afyon Marble, the most preferred marble type with its unique structure, color, and quality, is used in many areas. Afyon White Marble is often preferred in the interior and exterior of buildings, flooring, kitchen counters, and stair steps. However, Afyon White marble processed in CNC and Waterjet workshops is a preferred type of marble for making different souvenirs. The fact that the high variety of uses affects Afyon White Marble prices.

Afyon White Marble prices are determined due to different evaluations as in other marble types. It is possible to list the biggest criteria for a price range as follows.

  • The color and vein structure of the marble,
  • The degree of hardness of the marble,
  • The requested size information of the marble.

How Can You Determine Marble Quality?

Different types of marble are mined in different parts of the country. The quality of the extracted marble is evaluated according to some characteristics of the marble. The most important situation in this evaluation is the evaluation made of the surface of the marble.

How Should a Quality Marble be? Or How to Understand The Quality of Marble?

The quality of the marble extracted from the mines becomes evident during the processing. The surface examination becomes clearer when the marble is taken out in blocks and turned into a slab. The biggest consideration is the smoothness of the marble surface or the absence of surface voids.

The surface of a quality marble should have a flat and smooth structure. However, for the marble to be polishable, it must have a sufficiently hard structure. These two criteria play a major role in determining the quality of marble. In addition to these, cracks should not occur in the marble veins.

Afyon marble may differ according to the nature of the region where it is extracted or the structure of the quarry. These products, obtained as a result of a natural formation, have different color tones and vein structures depending on the mines they are extracted from. For this reason, no marble is the same as the other. In fact, it is possible to see different color tones and vein structures even in block marbles extracted from the same mine.

What Are The Usage Areas of Afyon White Marble?

White marbles obtained from the Afyon region are often preferred because of their durability, easy process shape, and polishability. It is preferred primarily for indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings as tiles and slabs. However, it is the most preferred marble in kitchen countertops, bathrooms, and sinks. Apart from building materials, it is also frequently preferred in constructing sculptures and ornaments. Its first-class crystal structure, which has proven its quality to the world, provides long years of trouble-free use.

As Efesus Stone, we bring you the products we obtain from our mines in Afyon, where the best quality marbles of their kind are extracted, with years of experience. You can examine our products, which have the most popular and demanded color and vein diversity among Afyon marble varieties, either on our website or in our factory outlets. The following are the Afyon Marble types we have provided for you in this field.

  • Afyon White Arcobalena,
  • A la vogue Afyon White Marble,
  • Golden Gray Afyon White Marble,
  • Billur Afyon White Marble,
  • Afyon Sugar Marble.

How Much is a Meter of Afyon Marble?

Especially when you want to choose a white marble type, the first thing that comes to mind is Afyon White Marble varieties. Having a solid structure and smooth and vibrant colors make many people turn to this product. The Afyon White Marble can be easily prepared in accordance with the usage area. It provides a wide range of products to meet all kinds of needs. Afyon White Marble prices, which provide trouble-free use indoors and outdoors, may vary depending on some criteria of the mine. For this reason, I would like to share with you the criteria that affect the price of Afyon White Marble.

  • The Vein Structure of The Marble: Different interactions occur during the formation of marble, resulting in the formation of veins of various colors. The veins in natural stone vary depending on the type of stone and the region in which it is found. Marble prices are affected by the color of the veins and the absence of cracks in the veins, which add a different visual beauty to the marble.
  • The Brightness of The Marble Surface: Another criterion affecting the prices is whether the marble surface to be preferred is matte or glossy. As it is known, the marbles extracted from the mine are dull and pale in color. Marbles, subjected to different processes and polished, gain a lively and bright appearance. The brightness of the marble surface, which you will determine according to the usage preference, can change the prices.
  • The Color of The Marble: The colors demanded for marbles, which have different color properties according to the mine they are extracted from, are among the most determining factors in terms of price. Color changes can be seen even between blocks extracted from the same mine. Therefore, the color you choose affects the price of the marble you will buy.
  • The Durability of The Marble: It is very important to choose the most suitable marble type and variety for the preferred usage area. Depending on the type of marble, the surface strength ratios differ. Marble to be used outdoors should be chosen from a more resistant or more durable marble type against external factors. For this reason, marble prices vary according to the type of marble to be preferred depending on the durability.
  • The Absorbency of The Marble: It is necessary to pay attention to the marble’s absorbency feature that is intended to be used in wet or water-contact areas. It is necessary to choose the type of marble suitable for areas where marble often comes into contact with liquid, such as sinks, kitchen counters, bathrooms, and poolsides.
  • The Surface Integrity of The Marble: One of the biggest features of marble is its smooth surface. However, some of the marbles extracted from the mines cannot complete their formation completely, and gaps form on their surfaces. These gaps are closed by some methods, and the surface becomes smooth. This situation draws attention as another criterion affecting marble prices.

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