Among the natural stone types, the most known and most preferred marble, although it has a hard and polished surface, can suffer different deformations over time. Especially on white or light-colored marble surfaces, yellow spots or rust spots may occur. Although the role of different external factors in the formation of these stain spots is great, the biggest factor is the preference for wrong cleaning products for cleaning marble surfaces. However, not cleaning the marble surfaces exposed to external factors promptly affects the formation of stains on the marble surface. For such problems that occur on the marble surface over time, “how to remove rust stain on marble?” or “how to prevent marble rust stains?” questions are frequently asked.

The rust stain formed on the marble is formed over time in the area exposed to external factors. It is an event that displays a bad visual and disturbs everyone. These stains, especially on kitchen counters, cause the counter used to display an unclean appearance. To eliminate this problem, you need to seek answers to why marble rust stains occur? Or how to prevent rust stain formation?

How to Remove The Rust Stains on Marble Kitchen Countertops?

How to remove rust stains on marble kitchen countertops? The problem is usually a problem that is frequently encountered in marble countertops. The biggest reason for this is that kitchen counters are exposed to different acidic foods and different cleaning products in their use. Especially lemon, vinegar, tea, and soft drinks spilled on white marble counters are effective in the emergence of this problem. However, there are cleaning materials with different chemical properties that accelerate the formation of marble rust stains.

As we mentioned above, it is much more important to prevent the formation of these rust stains on marble before removing them. The area exposed to acidic or chemical products, which we have mentioned as a priority, should be cleaned without losing time. However, in the cleaning of marble counters, particulate cleaning products and wires that damage the surface of the marble should not be used.

How to Clean Yellowing White Marble?

I want to point out that there are several different methods to remove the rust stains that have formed on the marble countertops, which have a smooth and shiny surface normally. The most effective method for such problems, especially in white marbles, is a mixture of oxygenated water and carbonate. As it is known, oxygenated water has the property of whitening the area where it is used. Likewise, baking soda has a whitening effect. You need to mix these two products in a bowl and apply them to the rusty area on the marble and wait for half an hour.

Afterward, when you use this mixture with a damp cloth, you will see that the rust problem disappears. The second method we recommend for removing rust stain on marble will be to remove the rust stain with ammonia. Those who prefer this method should be a little more careful. Before using ammonia, it should be diluted with water and should not be left on the marble surface for long.

During the cleaning of yellowing white marbles, wire brushes or tools that will scratch and damage the surface of the marble should not be used. In the wrong cleaning process, the marble surface can be scratched, or the polish can be damaged. This will cause bigger problems to arise. For the marble, whose surface is worn or scratched, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned and re-polished to regain its old appearance.

What Can You Do To Polish Marble?

The most popular and widely used marbles worldwide can be subjected to various deformations over varying time intervals, depending on their usage areas. The biggest problems that occur due to external factors or cleaning with faulty products are that marble rust stains and deformation of the marble surface.

When the marble is extracted from the mines, it has a dull and pale appearance. To obtain a bright and lively appearance, the outer surface of the marble is cleaned and polished. Thanks to the polishes, the marble gains a smooth and lively appearance. Polished marble preserves its appearance under normal conditions and provides comfortable use for many years. However, as we have just mentioned, several external factors can cause this newly polished appearance to disappear.

Before replacing the marbles with a matte structure and do not display a pleasant appearance; I would like to state that it is possible to regain their old new appearance again. First of all, the marble surface should be cleaned by wiping. After wiping, the marble surface must be polished to regain shine. To perform these operations, you will need to get help from the experts in the business.

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