Marble has been used in artistic works such as sarcophagi and sculptures in the past, and it has been started to be used in buildings over time. Especially in recent times, technology provides convenience by removing and processing this product, allowing the opportunity to use this product in many different areas. Therefore, we can’t give a single answer to the question of “where is marble used the most?“. Because today, marble has become a frequently preferred product in different sectors and fields.

Marble greatly impacts the variety of uses with a solid structure, different colors, and different vein structures. When you do a short research on where to use marble, you can see that this product is used safely in many different areas. We can easily see that this product is used in all living spaces, especially indoors and outdoors. However, it is known that marble products are used in souvenir making and sculpture.

When is Marble Used in Construction?

Thanks to its hard structure, marble, which is damaged at minimum levels by external factors, was primarily used on the exterior of buildings. In addition, the columns of palaces, temples, and magnificent structures began to be made of this material in the past. Later, this product became indispensable in flooring. Today, I can say that we use this product in almost all living spaces. Marble has become the most preferred and most used product on the exteriors floors, interior floors, walls of living spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, and sinks. The fact that it has such a variety in terms of usage areas reveals the value of this product once again.

Of course, the answer to the question of “where to use marble?” is not limited to our homes, which are living spaces. We frequently use this product in shopping malls, hotels, terminals, hospitals, subways, and underpasses. Especially the availability of different sizes and color options according to the usage area increases the interest in this product. Since there are different types of marble according to the area and region to be used, there is more freedom of use than other natural stone types.

Where is Marble Used in Daily Life?

Marble, which has a very important and valuable place in our country, is preferred for many different purposes in our daily life. When we say marble in our daily life, we first think of it as it is used on kitchen counters. This is just one of the hundreds of uses of marble. Apart from this, we use it a lot in our daily life, even if it does not attract our attention. Where is marble used in our daily life? Some use examples of marble are as follows:

  • Indoor flooring,
  • Bathrooms,
  • Kitchen counters,
  • Exterior coatings,
  • Sinks,
  • Gravestones,
  • Fireplaces or barbecues,
  • Stairsteps,
  • Small ornaments,
  • Walking paths.

These areas we have mentioned draw attention to where marble is used most in our daily lives. It is possible to use these products specially cut and assembled according to the area to be used, healthily and safely for many years.

Which is The Best Marble?

Marbles have different colors and degrees of hardness in accordance with the geographical structure of the region where they are located. For this reason, the region where the marble is extracted is very important. The quality of the marble is also related to the region where it was extracted. The interactions that occur during its formation determine whether the marble is a good marble or an ordinary marble. For this reason, before buying marble, you need to know from which region the sold marble is extracted from.

I can state that our country has the best quality marble mines in the world due to its geographical location. Marbles mined in Afyon, Bilecik, Kutahya, Balikesir, Nigde, Yozgat, and Mugla are exported to different countries worldwide. Turkish marble, which has made a name globally with its quality, is among the best in this field.

I would also like to state that the marble extracted from a quality mine must undergo some processes in the name of one of the best marbles possible. The workmanship to be carried out during the extraction of the mine from the underground and making it ready for use increases the quality of the marble and turns it into a completely poor quality product. For this reason, marble work or marble mining is a very important job that requires experience. The highest quality marble can be obtained as a result of cutting, wiping, polishing, and polishing the blocks extracted from the underground as desired.

What Are The Other Uses of Marble?

We gave examples above from different sectors to the question of “where is marble used?”. In general, in the marble industry, I can state that it is used mostly in areas such as floors, walls, and countertops. Apart from this, ornaments prepared with smaller marble products also have an important place in this market. Marble masters meticulously process different figurines and small objects used on tabletops. Tabletop nameplates and marble clocks are among the most popular marble products.

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