Green Marble Types and Models

Green marble is a beautiful natural stone that adds color and life to any space where it is placed. If you want to make a statement with your marble, green marble countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops or other structures in your home will do just that. You can also find a stone with beautiful contrasting veins that enhance its appeal. Green marble is an excellent choice for a beautiful and bold stone.

Green marbles are a versatile design material. Bringing life and color to the environment, green marble shades are the perfect choice for a beautiful and bold stone.

Efesus Stone's Green Marble Types

The energy, freshness and peace of nature are hidden in the color green. The first striking feature of a forest of freshly leafed trees is its strong green tones. They remind us of freshness and naturalness. At the same time, the nobility and elegance provided by green tones offer many design possibilities. In this way, green marbles also appear as a versatile design material. The combination of green tones that give life and color to the environment with marble is a symbol of stylishness and freshness. Add color to your interior designs with green tones that are easily combined with materials such as wood.

Natural Designs with Green Marble

Natural designs are often preferred. Green tones are also one of the irreplaceable colors of natural designs. Green tones easily adapt to both modern and classic designs, especially in marble types. Green marbles are a very good option, especially for creating more vivid environments. Verde Guatemala tone is one of the elegant and luxurious shades of green. Emerald on the other hand, is a lighter shade and offers a more refreshing look. It is very easy to achieve different designs by combining marble materials with other materials and marble types. Get the designs you dream of by creating unique designs. Make the transition to a new level in design by considering the endless possibilities offered by green marbles.

Marble Types in Different Shades

As Efesus Stone, the marbles we offer you have many different colors and types. We offer you the opportunity to realize your dream designs with many colors and undertones such as green, gray and blue. We aim to offer you the best by using our many years of experience in natural stone. We are proud to offer a wide range of imported and local natural stones. We also offer many undertones and patterns for each color, making sure there is something for everyone. We decorate your homes with quality natural stone materials that will last for many years. Visit our catalog to see the best quality natural stone types. Contact us to get the most suitable offer for you.

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