What is Glass Mosaic?

The mosaic, which was processed in lines in ancient civilizations, was later created by drawing human and animal pictures. The oldest known mosaic It dates from the 8th century and was carved into pebbles. Inspired by this shape and situation, glass mosaic was born. Glass mosaics, which are used in both exterior and interior cladding works, are highly durable, useful, decorative coating materials that can be used in many areas, produced by processing scrap glass in special mixers and baking. Scrap glass collected during the glass mosaic production process is thrown into the sieve and purified from different substances. Purified glass are thrown into the mill and ground for 4-5 hours. The grain size of the glass turned into flour is adjusted. If the product is to be colored, color is added to it. It is shaped and pressed by moistening process. The baking process is done and the mosaic glass becomes ready.

What are the Features of Glass Mosaic??

Glass mosaics have their own unique features. It is a decorative material. It offers an architecturally luxurious look. There is a rich variety of patterns and colors. It is generally used in exterior and pool coatings. It is a functional material. It is easy to clean. It is not affected by moisture and water. It is long lasting. It is resistant to heat and cold, does not corrode. Color does not fade.

What are the Uses of Glass Mosaic??

Glass mosaics, also called mosaic tiles, can be used as exterior cladding in buildings, in the cladding of columns and columns, as floor cladding, in swimming pools, in the cladding of places such as bathrooms, Turkish baths, saunas, in kitchens, in spaces such as entrances, halls, balconies, in different places desired by customers used for decorative purposes. Pool mosaics, which are reminiscent of the blue natural water appearance, are generally used in wet areas, in areas such as pools and bathrooms. You can contact us to learn about glass mosaic prices.
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