Marble is frequently preferred on countertops, the most important and most used area of ​​kitchens. In addition to being compatible with kitchen cabinets, it must have a solid and useful structure. A durable and useful, and stylish marble kitchen counter is a product that every dealer wants. For this reason, women often ask the question, which is the best marble kitchen countertop?

When researching the best marble countertops, you first need to evaluate several criteria. The color, size, and responsiveness of the counter to be preferred are very important. For these reasons, before doing the best marble counter research, you need to find answers to the questions to determine which countertop will best meet your needs.

Marble draws attention as the most demanded product in kitchen counters in terms of its features. In addition to being resistant to impacts, it can be exposed to different temperatures. It also has a very durable structure against hot pots or pans taken from the stove. However, another reason why marble countertops are preferred in kitchens is that they are healthy and hygienic.

Which is The Best Marble Countertop?

The general condition of the kitchen should be evaluated when choosing the product to be used on kitchen counters. The presence of color options compatible with the countertop structure, kitchen cabinets, or furniture leads you to marble products. Those who research which kitchen counter is better should first determine the product that best meets their needs. I want to state that there are different countertop product materials in this field in our country. Wood, Laminate, Composite, Granite, and Marble countertops are among the products known in this field. Of course, these products have their pros and cons. These products are constantly compared with each other in terms of price difference, ease of use, durability, and longevity.

Being a healthy and natural product, its durability, resistance to impacts, and price range direct you to marble products. You will want to use a product with many advantages in your kitchen. After deciding on the countertop product that you will use in your kitchen, you can look for an answer to which marble is the best marble countertop? As it is known, there are marble products of different quality and characteristics in our country. There is nothing more natural than questioning which of them is suitable or which one is of better quality.

I can state that marbles are divided into different qualities according to the mines they are extracted from and the craft. In this regard, as Efesus Stone, we meticulously process the products we obtain from the best quality mines in our country for you and prepare the best quality marbles for you. You can examine our different marble kitchen countertop models that will add elegance to your kitchen on our website or in our sales stores.

What Are The Prices of Marble Kitchen Countertops?

It is possible for those who research the best marble kitchen countertops to encounter different price ranges about the prices of this product. The biggest reason for this is the quality of the marble used for the countertop and the demanded color option. For this reason, prices for marble kitchen countertops vary according to the product you will request. In addition, another issue that affects marble kitchen countertop prices is the dimensions of the countertop to be used. In short, the type, color, and dimensions of the marble you request play an active role in determining the price you have to pay for this product.

We are waiting for you at our factory outlets to examine different marble countertop products in order to give your kitchen an aesthetic appearance. Let’s determine the most suitable product for your budget from our wide product range.

Which is The Best Marble Type?

Those who want to use marble products on the counter of their kitchen often ask the question of which is the best marble? It is a natural demand to ask that the product they want to buy be made from the best materials. As a result, consumers want to know which marble types are the best for kitchen countertops. As it is known, marble is one of nature’s gifts to people. These natural stones, which take millions of years to form, are divided into different quality groups according to the climatic interactions in their region. However, their color and vein structures affect the price and quality of marble.

We produce marble countertop products from quality marbles obtained from our mines in Afyon and Bilecik regions, where the highest quality marble quarries are located in our country. You can choose our marble countertop products with confidence and use them for many years without any problems.

What is The Best Kitchen Countertop Material?

Although marble is known as the best kitchen countertop material, I would like to point out that different countertop products are also used in this area. Apart from marble, granite products are the most preferred natural stone products in this field. The fact that it has a stain-resistant structure greatly affects the frequent preference of this product. Apart from marble and granite products, other preferred kitchen counter products are laminate countertops, listed as composite countertops, corian countertops, and wooden countertops.

Those who want to make a good countertop choice should evaluate the situation among these products and determine the most suitable one for themselves. It will be possible to list the questions that need to be answered in this case as follows.

  • The durability of the countertop product: The countertop, which will be exposed to many impacts, especially from knives, must have a structure resistant to these impacts.
  • Resistance to scratches: The countertop should be resistant to scratches in case of impacts or exposure.
  • Having a hygienic structure: The counters that come into contact with food must not contain germs.
  • Easy to clean: The countertop product to be preferred should be easy to clean or have a stain-proof structure.
  • Resistance to temperatures: The product’s durability is important against hot pots and pans taken from the stove and placed directly on the counter.
  • Appearance and color options: The color options of the countertop product to be preferred and its harmony with the kitchen.
  • Suitability for your budget: Choosing a product within your budget range.

The answers to the questions we mentioned above play an active role in deciding which is the best or the highest quality counter for your kitchen. You can contact us immediately to get information about the countertop product types and what you have in mind.

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