The building stone defined as silver travertine has geological structural characteristics. It is extracted from natural stone quarries and is widely used in the construction industry. The most beautiful shades of silver travertine are extracted from mines in Turkey. Travertine, which is dominated by gray and earth tones, is mined in Mersin, Karaman and Denizli. It brings a modern texture and magnificent appearance to the place where it is used. It is a type of stone that belongs to the limestone group. It is appreciated for its wide range of colors.

What is Silver Travertine?

Silver travertine is a type of natural stone that takes its name from its color and natural source. The product can be used in all living spaces, such as pools, homes and workplaces, when processed into tiles. Silver Travertine offers a wide range of color options, with predominantly silver tones in its texture. Travertine is preferred for its quality and hardness. Tiles, produced and offered in various sizes, are used in eye-catching images with color transitions. For smooth and soft textured areas, Silver Travertine tiles are used. In addition, those looking for long-lasting and durable travertine can choose hard tile and use it safely on their floors. A hardness test can be performed to determine which type is needed. For this purpose, it is possible to check whether the travertine is broken or not by hitting it with a hard stone or object. It can be seen that hard travertine tiles do not break easily.

Is silver travertine useful?

What should I consider when choosing tiles?

Silver colored tiles, safely used in the construction industry, are appreciated by everyone. Silver Travertine, with its unique appearance and texture, is an indispensable product in the construction industry. Travertine selection considerations:

  • What color and hardness of travertine is needed,
  • What color, size and type your budget allows,
  • Do you want to have natural texture areas or do you want a smooth surface?
  • Matte or polished? Rustic tile types?
  • It is very important to find a product that matches the installation area size and color expectations. Silver travertine resources are found in many parts of Turkey. As a result, users have difficulty choosing between silver tones, earth tones, and brown tones.
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Color Selection in Silver Tiles

Silver travertine is used in construction, landscaping and residential applications. Orders can be placed by selecting the desired dimensions and features. With secure payment and company guarantee, ordered products are delivered to the address as soon as possible. Color and texture are of great importance when choosing silver travertine. Preference must be determined based on application and user taste. For this purpose, it may be the right step to make a decision by looking at the previously installed areas. The color selection of the silver tiles is determined by the location, light reception situation and user expectations. If you are looking for elegance and modernity without compromising on classic style, you can choose from different colors. Tile texture can be selected as rustic, antique or polished. It is recommended to use more to avoid negative effects when measuring silver travertine. Otherwise, tiles with the same color and features may not be available.

Silver Travertine Prices

The most sought after and appreciated product in the building industry is travertine. Silver Travertine tiles create eye-catching spaces with their modern texture and gorgeous finish. Silver Travertine prices are determined by product characteristics. Tiles that add elegance and sophistication to the place are offered for use with an affordable price guarantee. They can be the first-choice products in terms of ease of installation and benefit from their comfort and elegance for many years. It is also appreciated for its ability to respond to user needs at the highest level and provide unique textured areas. Preferred Silver Travertine tiles are safe to buy.

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