We use the help of many materials in interior design. We combine different materials to achieve original and aesthetic results. We use our own taste. Marble is a material that we have been using for hundreds of years and is in harmony with other materials. A symbol of style since ancient times, there are many reasons why we prefer marble in places such as our homes and workplaces, such as its extreme elegance and usability. It is very easy to combine the elegance of marble into our designs using marble slab types. It is up to your creativity and taste to create unique designs by combining marble slabs with different colors and patterns…

What is a marble slab and where is it used?

As the name suggests, marble slabs have a structure made of marble. They are made by cutting marble into slabs of specific sizes. Marble cut into slabs offers great advantages in application and transportation. This makes your interior design processes faster and more fluid. Many types of marble slabs can be used. One of the most common areas where this material is used is in kitchens. Marble is a great material for kitchen countertops because of its solid, easy-to-clean structure. It usually appears as a countertop function in bathrooms, similar to kitchens.

marble slab
marble slab

Marble is not only used for countertops, but for many other applications. It is normal to come across marble slabs on floors and stairs. Marble floors are often preferred in areas with a luxurious appearance, such as hotels and squares. This is not only because of how they look, but also because of how easy they are to clean. Marble, which is easily cleaned with soapy water, is also stain resistant. Marble slabs are also used on the walls and the floor. It gains people’s admiration by giving a more chic, bright and magnificent appearance.

Create the designs of your dreams

Marble slabs are a very good choice because of the great advantages they offer. Express your creativity with marble slabs in both modern and classic designs. Create the designs of your dreams and have a living space that fulfills you. Make a choice that will satisfy you both aesthetically and functionally, and you will not regret it. Marble slabs in a range of colors and patterns are with you in your designs…

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