Beige marble is a marble that we can see in many architectural structures from the past to the present. It is also a highly preferred material in the modern context. With its dirt-repellent structure, the beige color stands out as a savior color. In addition, beige offers a timeless elegance. It harmonizes well with other colors and gives warmth and a pleasant atmosphere to your room. For this reason, even if there are changes in decoration trends, the use of beige marble types continues to maintain its currency over time. In addition, since it is neither a completely light nor a completely dark color, it has some advantages. For example, it reflects natural light, making your space feel brighter and fresher. Especially when used in smaller spaces, it helps to make the room feel more spacious and open. Now, besides all these benefits, what are the prices of beige marble? What types of beige marble are there? Continue reading the content…

Beige Marble Types and Prices

Beige marble is one of the rare types of stone that can be seen in harmony with both classic and modern designs. It adds elegance to your space by supporting a traditional or contemporary decoration style. However, it is more tolerant of stains than other colors. It is also a color that provides long-lasting aesthetics with regular maintenance. Marbles are durable by nature, but one type that will last the longest in terms of color is, of course, beige. Among the beige marbles, there may be some types that have recently stood out. For example, Burdur Beige and Amasya Beige stand out in home decoration with their softer tones. Botticino and Light Emperador have also attracted attention with their complete and homogeneous appearance.

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beige marble types and prices

Is Marble Countertop Useful?

Beige marbles are durable against wiping and washing with their smooth texture. For this reason, we can say that it is a type of stone that you can use as a marble countertop. However, it is very effective for creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. This color tone relaxes guests and adds a pleasant welcoming feeling to your space. You can also get ideas with other types of beige marble

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