Green marble varieties bring the inherent beauty of nature into interior design. Thanks to these features, it has an effective role in creating spacious, stylish and impressive spaces. Each of these marbles has its own unique characteristics. Each has a wide range of applications and design needs. However, the aesthetic appeal of green marble makes it an effective option for adding a natural elegance to architectural projects. Green marble types and green marble prices are also among the recent prominent searches. For this reason, we can expect the green color trend to continue in the decorative field next year.

What are the green marble types and prices?

There are many different kinds of green marbles. Depending on their tones, these varieties have different appearances. However, we can say that the most prominent marble type in this category is Verde Guatemala. It is clear that this color has recently become a frequently preferred color not only in the design of luxury spaces and lobbies, but also in homes. In addition, Verde Escuro will be a very stylish option for those who prefer darker tones. However, if you are looking for lighter tones, Amazonite is for you! Green Marble prices can vary depending on several variables. These factors include the type of marble, the region in which it was quarried, the color tones, the patterns and especially the quality of the slab. Therefore, the price of the type of marble you choose depends on its own characteristics.

verde guatemala - green marble
verde guatemala – green marble

What color marble should I use in my home?

Your home is your comfort zone. Your priority should be to choose the color that looks stylish to your own eyes. However, according to research, it is also true that the color green has a calming effect on the mind. Therefore, using green color in your home can make you feel in a calmer atmosphere. However, the unique texture of marble can also bring you a more comfortable living environment. You can use marble types for purposes such as kitchen countertops and floor decorations. In addition, this natural stone is very durable due to its easy-to-clean structure. For this reason, we can say that you can achieve a more elegant appearance in many decorative areas by choosing a green marble.

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